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Building a Nation: Our Human Resources, A Natural Resource

Dr. Nilda Arduin, 1999

In a high-tech world where test tube babies, hideous crimes, hate, selfishness and money seem to prevail, respect, tolerance, a smile, kindness, friendliness and sincerity are practically considered costly luxuries. An act of kindness, or a smile are slowly becoming expensive commodities. Why not capitalize on this, and make this our main industry? We have the human resources, are located strategically, and most of all we can be the worlds model of a multi cultural and-ethnic society, living together as one people in unity.

We bear the name "The Friendly Island", the trademark of our (past) industry. Fake performance cannot build this industry. We have to develop real unity, established upon a foundation of genuine caring, respect and tolerance for one another. Tolerance alone will not pass the test.

"The Friendly Island" should be transformed to "The Friendly Nation", for sun, sand and sea cannot be friendly, it is the people of the territory who need to create that atmosphere of friendliness. Can you imagine in this day and age a modern society where the people live together as a real community; sharing the land, the language, culture, economic life and heritage in harmony?

We have the human resources, let us work, develop and market a new trade name for Sint Maarten "The Friendliest Nation" in the western hemisphere. We have to consider our human resources to be our natural resource. Let's cherish our human resources, and develop it, for kindness and a smile are considered luxuries and expensive commodities today.